INR testing

At our pharmacy, we perform INR testing and warfarin dose management. This service aims you receive quality anit-coagulation care.

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diabetes education

Your Pharmacist is a Certified Canadian Diabetes Educator and can help you take control of your blood glucose and learn more about living well with Diabetes.

geriatric consultation

We offer discounts to senior citizens, bearing in mind their special needs, especially when it comes to health.

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medication management

We conduct medication reviews at our pharmacy, a significant job for pharmacists no matter what their setting, an integral component of an approach to care that is multidisciplinary. Our pharmacists address issues related to medicines adherence and medicines optimization. They therefore enhance the clinical effectiveness of those medicines that patients take, also avoiding problems that can result from medicine usage by closely monitoring the impact of the therapy, making recommendations for change and altering medicines wherever they deem it necessary. Our pharmacists conduct their evaluation of a patient’s medicine in a structured way, aiming to improve the outcomes as far as they relate to health. They identify the problems resulting from drug intake and recommend interventions.


Your Pharmacist can administer many vaccines to keep you healthy. Ask us about flu shots. Other injections can be administered as well under a medical directive signed by your doctor.

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smoking cessation

Your Pharmacist can support you in many ways if you are considering to quit smoking.

compliance packaging

Many pharmacies charge fees for compliance or blister packaging; with us you get it for free. Blister packaging refers to a process whereby prescriptions become heat sealed between a plastic bubble sheet and a cardboard back. We label our blister packs with the name of the medicine, the date, the day and the time the medication is to be taken. Blister packaging has many benefits, including safety, convenience and better compliance. We can make blister packs for you on a monthly basis, with free delivery or you can pick them up at our pharmacy.

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Daily 20% seniors discount

We offer discounts to senior citizens, bearing in mind their special needs, especially when it comes to health.

Easy prescription refills with free PharmAdvise app

download the PharmAdvise Mobile App on your smart to easily refill your prescriptions

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